In the spring of 2014, my former co-worker Ryan Baniewicz suggested on the air I couldn't hit a pitch off a Ragin' Cajun softball pitcher.

Despite what's been reported, I did, in fact, agree with him.

However, it didn't stop me from trying, as R.B.'s petulant persistence paid off.

In 4 years at Louisiana, Jordan Wallace took home countless honors and awards. Now an assistant softball coach at UTSA, she continues to leave her indelible mark on the softball world.

It was only fitting I would attempt to hit a ball off her.

Many of you may remember this video. We were forced to take it down in 2015 when the NCAA gave absurd reasoning that, if the video remained up, Wallace would be ineligible. We immediately took it down, and she never missed a game as a result.

With her playing days in the past, we thought a #ThrowBackThursday would be a good time to bring the video back.

Thanks to Jordan for not hitting me with a pitch.