As the Carolina Panthers were getting embarrassed by the New York Giants last night, veteran wide receiver Steve Smith "lit into" his young quarterback Cam Newton. Why? Because the 23-year old QB was acting like a baby.

He's notoriously a bad loser, and last night Newton sat on the bench while backup quarterback Derek Anderson got a few meaningless snaps late in the game. Steve felt like Cam needed to not only support his teammate, but work on his own mistakes from the sideline. According to Smith, how you handle adversity is about more than just the game.

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Smith says he called Newton out so he could "understand this is more than about  playing football, it's about becoming a man and understanding this is what it's  about."
Smith Says He "Lit Into" Newton, AP

As a 33 year old and 5-time All-Pro, Smith knows what it takes to succeed in the league. In his younger days, he struggled with maturity, and admittingly, had to learn how to be a good teammate. When he says he "lit into" his quarterback, he's trying to teach his talented young QB how to handle his hardships better.