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Jaguars Beat Saints 27-24, Awful Officiating The Story
In a preseason contest that lasted nearly 3 and a half hours, the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the New Orleans Saints 27-24. Unqualified replacement refs took center stage Friday night, showing why they are indeed "replacements." Game-altering errors, misplacements of the ball, a bevy of unnecessary reviews, and...
Devery Henderson Is Deaf To His Doubters
New Orleans Saints wide receiver Devery Henderson (along with DE Will Smith) is the longest tenured player on the team. During his 8 year career, there have been tons of doubters and harsh critics of Devery's game. Many suggested that he be cut, or traded, or not resigned. Many are now eating some crow. Devery is deaf to his doubters. He quietly does his job, and so far in this 2011 season, does it extremely well.

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