Hey Alvin Kamara, one of our favorites from Lafayette, La. wants to meet you.

Camden Barnard is a friend of the station and we've told you his story of battling Leukemia, well now he wants to meet his favorite player on the New Orleans Saints.

Our budding is currently in New Orleans receiving treatment for Leukemia and his father posted several photos of "Cam" posting signs around the Superdome in hopes of catching Kamara's attention.

And while I don't know if the signs will catch Kamara's attention right away, they caught my attention and I hope through social media the message reaches someone within the Saints organization.

Pat Barnard

Pat Barnard, Camden's father, had this to say in his post on Facebook, "Cam wants to meet Alvin Kamara. I want to make him smile because he deserves it and YOU can help."

Unfortunately for Camden, this is the second battle with Leukemia, but he and his family have remained so positive through their journey and I think we'd all agree that Cam deserves to meet his hero.

Pat Bernard

I've told Camden and his father on numerous occasions that they are such an inspiration to many, so now let's do our part to help out this family.

If you could, please consider sharing this story and Camden's request to meet Kamara. Through the power of social media, Cam may soon have the chance to meet Kamara if this story reaches the right person(s).

To Cam, keep fighting buddy, we are all in your corner. And yes, we are already working on making sure Alvin Kamara sees this story!!!

Fingers crossed.


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